refugees in germany

Nujeen Mustafa, a Syrian refugee who fled to Germany in a wheelchair
Omid, 19, is a refugee from Afghanistan and takes part in Media Residents trainings
The German Office for Migration and Refugees (picture alliance)
The 60-page report looks at criminal offences committed in Germany between 2015 and 2017
Syrian refugee in court
Musicians on lawn
The number of suicides and attempted suicides by refugees has increased exponentially
Malakeh Jazmati | Photo: Elizabeth Grenier
Migrants and asylum seekers from Eritrea make up a large portion of jobseekers in some parts of Germany
School children in a class in Bavaria
Refugee assistance workers counsel some Afghan refugees in the city of Dortmund
It's important to know that the Jugendamt does not check upon your parenting as part of any integration or asylum process