refugees in greece

Children living in an abandoned Olympic complex in Athens | Credit: EPA/SIMELA PANTZARTZI
Amir, an 11-year-old refugee student from Afghanistan, as he carries his school's sign instead of the Greek flag during Oct. 28th parade. Credit:
Credit: Melissa Network
Protest of refugees in Athens who hope to reunite with family members in Germany
Photo shows 11-year old Amir, the refugee student from Afghanistan carrying his school's sign rather than the Greek flag
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African migrants in a Tunisian transit camp situated several KM from the Ras Jdir border crossing witth Libya (Photo- EPA)
This photo shows Amir, the 11-year old from Afghanistan who will be the flagbearer and his younger brother Credit:
Women at Moria camp Lesvos where being given diapers so they don't have to go to the toilet alone at night | Credit: Doctors without Borders
Refugees in tents in Greece
Relief and social activities for refugees and migrants at the community center Khora in Athens
Credit: Feeding Humanity