refugees in italy

Three right-wing parties won a large share of the vote in the Italian election and will likely lead the next government. Their three leaders (from left to right) are Matteo Salvini (League), Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia) and Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy) | Photo: ANSA/Guiseppe Lami
Giorgia Meloni à Rome le 26 septembre 2022. © Guglielmo Mangiapane, Reuters
A worker at the Soccavo market in Naples, Italy | Photo: ANSA/US FRANCESCO ALESI PARALLELOZERO
Picture shows one of the rooms of the multi-functional space promoted by Ikea in Corsico. PHOTO Courtesy of Spazio Polifunzionale Corsico: Ikea and Progetto ARCA
The outside of the Palace of Justice, where Italy's Court of Cassation is located in Rome | Photo: ANSA/Alessandro Di Meo
The Peluso ship from the Italian Coast Guard, with 250 migrants rescued onboard, docked at Sicily's Porto Empedocle | Photo: ANSA/Concetta Rizzo
From file: A Tunisian coast guard cutter operating in the Mediterranean Sea | Photo: ANSA/Paolo Paluzzi
Afghans evacuated from Kabul arrive on the military base of Sigonella in southern Italy on August 23, 2021 | Photo: ANSA/US/CC
Afghan refugees arrive for a welcome ceremony after landing from Islamabad, Pakistan, at Rome's Fiumicino international airport, Italy, on July 27, 2022 | Photo: Riccardo De Luca/Anadolu Agency/Picture-alliance
The roadhouse near Oulx, which was transformed into a self-managed shelter and cleared in May 2021 | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/UFFICIO STAMPA/CARABINIERI (Carabinieri Press Office)
Migrants rescued by the humanitarian group Sea-Eye arrive in Messina, Italy, on June 22, 2022 | Photo: Gabriele Maricchiolo/NurPhoto/picture alliance
Vadym, a young Ukrainian released from the Sant'Eugenio hospital of Rome, where he was treated for burns covering 50% of his body. July 11, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ALANEWS