refugees in italy

The railway in the Brenner Pass near Seehof, just steps from the border between Italy and Austria. Credit ANSA/LISSI MAIR
A child plays with his toy. (archive/EPA)
Laura and her husband Francesco together with Becaye (center), a migrant guest. Credit: Camelot Cooperative
Colleferro Rugby team, copyright: Tre Fontane
Migrants waiting for their turn to pick up their residency card in front of police headquarters | Credit: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
A young Syrian girl just after her arrival at Fiumicino airport, in Rome, from Lebanon, thanks to 'humanitarian corridor' | Credit: ANSA
The photo shows migrants landing in Salerno after they were rescued by Spanish vessel 'Cantabria'. The bodies of 23 women were found on the ship. Photo ANSA/Cesare Abbate
ANSA (archive/EPA)
A child plays on the pier of Salerno port in front of immigrants disembarked from the Spanish ship 'Rio Segura'  | Credit: ANSA archive
Temple of Athena in the archeological site of Paestum, near Salerno, Italy
Credit: ANSA/Cesare Abbate