refugees in italy

Credit: ANSA archive
Photo of Seny Diallo
Sudanese refugees onboard a ship in Porto Empedocle, Italy 
Pope Francis meets with migrants at a regional Migrant Center, in Bologna, Italy ANSA/L'Osservatore ROMANO Oct 1. 2017
Migrants rescued at sea and brought ashore in Malaga, southern Spain, reach the Spanish coast. EPA Archive, October 13, 2017
Migrants disembark from the Spanish ship 'Rio Segura' in the harbor of Salerno, Italy. Credit: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
Migrants slept last summer in front of the government delegration in Gorizia to protest against the Mayor who wanted them out of public parks Credit: ANSA/ Stefano Bizzi)
Picture shows a foreign mother and her child PHOTO/EPA/ARCHIVE
Migrants queue to receive clothes at Milan's main Train Station, Italy
Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA
Images of Selam ANSA