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Greek Immigration and Asylum Policies Minister Notis Mitarachi | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ
From file: Rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea | Photo: Vincenzo Circosta/anadolu
Migrants hold protest signs as they wait for permission to disembark from the Geo Barents, docked in the port of Catania, on November 8, 2022. They were finally allowed to disembark later that day. | Photo: ANSA/Orietta Scardino
From file: The Ocean Viking alone has 234 migrants on board, many of whom have had to stay at sea for more than 10 days now | Photo: picture alliance
Two volunteers search from aboard the Seabird, a humanitarian monitoring aircraft, for migrant boats in distress as they fly over the Mediterranean Sea in October 2021 | Photo: Renata Brito/AP Photo/picture alliance

From file: The Greek coast guard patrols the country's territorial waters but is also frequently called out to respond to emergency situations | Photo: picture-alliance/Zumapress
MSF shared this image of the small vessel caught in Maltese waters | Photo: MSF
MSF said 90 of the 122 migrants on board the rubber boat were minors | Source: @MSF_Italia/Twitter
The German NGO migrant rescue ship Sea Watch 3 with 440 migrants on board arrives in the port of Pozzallo, Sicily, 31 December 2021 | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / FRANCESCO RUTA
Spanish rescue boat Open Arms has said it has been given the right light to disembark in Messina, Sicily Credit : Open Arms
From file: Lebanon has become a launching pad for dangerous migration by sea to Europe | Photo: EPA/Wael Hamzeh
Migrants stand on a petroleum platform in the sea as they wait to be rescued by the Spanish NGO Open Arms during a rescue operation in international waters off Tunisia on September 17, 2022 | Photo: Petros Karadjias/AP