A member of the Spanish Red Cross at the port of Tarifa (southern Spain) carries a baby, one of 245 migrants that were rescued at sea, 13 July 2018. Spanish Maritime Rescue services rescued a total of 245 people who were trying to reach Spain traveling on ten small boats. EPA/A.CARRASCO RAGEL
Migrants from Syria walking along the highway between Serbian Macedonian border directed in Bulgaria.  PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/DJORDJE SAVIC
Photo: ANSA
Credit: IOM
A banner in favor of refugees on the facade of the municipality of Madrid
The children rights organization said that the children may be attempting to reunite with family and friends.  Credit: Save the children
a demonstration organized by Sos Racismo in front

of a detention center in Valencia. Credit: NGO Sos Racismo
The largest group that was granted protection status in the EU in 2017 continued to be Syrian nationals
Interior Minister Gérard Collomb believes that several French regions are being "overwhelmed by asylum seekers"
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
refugee children in Europe
a recent migrant landing on Sardinia of two boats. Photo/Archivio-ANSA