Almost one in four refugees parents live separated from their child
Maghrebi migrants resting in La Santa port after being rescued by a fishing boat at the town of Tinajo, Lanzarote island, southwestern Spain, 10 October 2018. PHOTO/EPA/JAVIER FUENTES
62 migrants, who were rescued when they sailed on some small canoes at the Alboran Sea, arriving to the port in Almeria, southeastern Spain, on 2 October 2018 | Credit: EPA/CARLOS BARBA
Migrants are taken to the port of Almeria after being rescued in the Alboran Sea, in Almeria, southeastern Spain. Credit: EPA/CARLOS BARBA
Help being given to a boat that overturned off the coast of Libya, rescued by the Italian Coast Guard and the Catalan NGO Activa Open Arms, in a photo that the NGO posted on its Twitter account
A Spanish Maritime Rescue Services boat carrying migrants rescued at sea, at the port of Algeciras, southern Spain | Credit: EPA/A.CARRASCO RAGEL
Cover of the study | Credit: ANSA
A woman washing clothes outside containers hosting migrants and refugees in a new facility in Skaramangas, near Athens, Greece | Credit: ARCHIVE/EPA/SIMELA PANTZARTZI
Migrants rescued by Spanish Maritime Rescue Services at the port of Algeciras, southern Spain. A total of three small boats were intercepted and the migrants were rescued and taken ashore. PHOTO/EPA/A.Carrasco Ragel
Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/L.Schulze
Militants of the populist League party patrol a beach in Puglia to prevent migrants from selling their goods. Credit: ANSA
Migrants disembark in Cadiz, Spain. Credit: EPA/A.CARRASCO RAGEL