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Every week, truckloads of migrants arrive in Agadez, Niger
A group of migrant women and children waiting to be transferred to a reception center | Photo: Archive/EPA
Migrants who are being deported from Algeria | Photo: Archive/ANSA
Migrants arriving at the port in Malaga | Credit: ARCHIVE/EPA
Police were out on the streets in Melilla | Credit: Local police authorities
African immigrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv
Women walk in the refugee camp of Tindouf in the southwest Algerian desert, some 1,900 kilometres southwest of Algiers (ARCHIVE)
A Mali national resides at the Temporary Stay Centre for Immigrants (CETI) in Melilla | Credit: EPA
Migrants on a truck going across the desert
Photo: South Sudanese women and children wait to be registered at Imvepi settlement in northern Uganda. Credit: UNHCR/Peter Caton