Activists take part in 'Walk for Freedom' to protest against human trafficking in Berlin | Photo: Reuters/F.Bensch
A 23-year-old survivor of sex trafficking finds refuge in a safe house in the UK
The 'mother' fishing boat, part of an alleged new technique employed by traffickers. CREDIT: GUARDIA DI FINANZA POLICE
The feet of a group of migrants in Libya | Photo: DW/K.Zurutuza
A young boy gets his last morning bucket bath in front of his neighbors in the Soweto area of Kibera, Africa's most populous slum, in Nairobi, Kenya. Credit: EPA/STEPHEN MORRISON
Precious, a Nigerian asylum seeker living at the anchor center in Bavaria, Germany | Credit: Hossein Kermani
Nigerian doctor Rilwanu Mohammed (L), executive secretary of the federal capital's Primary Health Care Development Board, vaccinates a resident for meningitis in Dakwa village, Bwari, Nigeria, 4 April 2017. EPA/Deji Yake
Children at a gold mine on the outskirts of Khartoum
Moroccan migrants arrive in the port after they were rescued by Spanish authorities in the town of Algeciras, Cadiz, southern Spain, 12 May 2018. Spanish Sea Rescue Unit rescued a total of 95 Moroccan migrants in the waters off the Strait of Gibraltar. EPA/A.Carrasco Ragel
A young migrant at a transit center for migrants who are being sent home from Algeria in Agadez, Niger. Credit: ANSA/UNICEF
Facebook has been attracting a lot of attention recently for data breaches