Migrants at the camp are struggling with the cold as well as bad hygiene
The UNHCR wants people to travel 2 billion kilometers - the distance covered by people fleeing war and persecution every year | Credit: UNHCR/ANSA
Several hundred thousand were forced to return to Afghanistan due to economic hardships in the country. Credit: Imago, Ton Koene
There are 25.4 million refugees in the world, 6.5 million of which are Syrian like this child looking out of a tent | Photo: Picture-alliance/A.Al Ali
UNHCR Regional Representative for EU Affairs, Gonzalo Vargas Llosa | Photo: ANSA
Behind the scenes: some of the group take photos for the exhibition | Photo: UNHCR (This photo was taken as part of an exhibition organized by the UNHCR and AGIA)
A Sudanese migrant from the western region of Darfur, Mahmoud Mohamed Omar, shows his residence permit while standing by his tent in the migrant camp located in Paris | Photo: EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT
A demonstration in support of migrants in Lisbon - placards say: "Everybody everywhere" | Photo: EPA/ANTONIO COTRIM

A demonstration in support of migrants in Lisbon. Placards say: "Everybody everywhere" | Photo: EPA/ANTONIO COTRIM
The island of Samos in the Aegean Sea is located just 1.6 kilometers off the coast of Turkey
A stateless woman who has been resident for 20 years in Italy. | Photo: Tavolo Apolidia
Refugees released from detention arrive at the newly opened Gathering and Departure Facility in Tripoli. | Photo: UNHCR / Farah Harwida
Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell (Photo: EPA/Emilio Naranjo)