Libyan militia manning a checkpoint with heavy weapons, north of Tripoli. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/STRINGER
Police vehicles parked near a protest in Chemnitz | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
At least four people were injured in the attacks on New Year's Day | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/M.Kusch
Migrants along Bosnian-Croatian border face stand-off with Croatian police
"Proud to be an LGBTQI immigrant": Inside Berlin's home for LGBTQI refugees
Many refugee and migrant children have experienced violent rejections at the border
Instances of extreme abuse and exploitation in Libya are widely documented
UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/SALVATORE DI NOLFI
A family from Mali sitting under a tent at a refugee camp near Dori, Burkina Faso. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/HELMUT FOHRINGER
At the center of the artwork: the watery grave of the Mediterranean, where thousands of migrants have drowned | Credit: DW/W. Dick
The pictures of refugee abuse at the Burbach facility made headlines in Germany and beyond | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa
Migrants seen at Njila detention center after they fled from another center near the airport due to fighting between rival factions in Tripoli, Libya | Credit: EPA/STR