Understanding Europe

Many migrants fail to realize that embarking on a journey to Europe via Libya is extremely dangerous
In the future, EASO could assist EU member states with speeding up the processing of asylum applications
If you ignore the rules your flight might turn into a one-way ticket | Credit: picture-alliance/Zuma Press/B. Stanley
Help is available to migrants and refugees from people who speak their language and understand their culture
Many refugees and migrants have trouble proving their competence because they lack formal qualifications
Host Sertan Sanderson presents the latest episode of Fact Check
Refugees looking at an apartment in Weißenfels, Berlin
Only German citizens can vote in Germany's state and national elections
Swedish police round up a group of migrants on board a train in the southern Swedish city of Malmo | Credit: EPA/ Stig-Ake
A refugee taking up apprenticeship training, or "Ausbildung" in Germany
Commissions for cases of hardship can perform one final assessment on your asylum case once all other legal options have been exhausted
It’s important for you to know: BAMF migration officials never conduct home visits.