Understanding Europe

Angela Merkel with Pedro Sanchez
Church asylum usually only applies to asylum seekers who are threatened with some form of deportation to inhumane living conditions, including torture or even death.
One of the vans used to transport migrants to work in the fields and hired by bosses linked to organized crime groups.PHOTO/CARABINIERI
Migrants in Calais, northern France Credit: AFP, Phillipe Huguen
Here's a look at how you can get started working in Germany
Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/S.Puchner
Many refugees in Germany have family members in Greece whom they want to reunite with (Photo: A Syrian family at Moria camp on November 30, 2017 © REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis)
The book cover. Credit: Intersos - Unicef
The Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act determines social and medical entitlements for asylum seekers in Germany.
The NGO rescue vessel Lifeline, which was stranded in the Mediterranean with more than 200 migrants on board, about to dock in Malta on 27 June 2018. EPA/DOMENIC AQUILINA
Police escort an asylum seeker away
European border patrol agency Frontex