Understanding Europe

Certain states in Germany have introduced a residency requirement or "Wohnsitzauflage" even for recognized asylum seekers
Even people with a job are entitled to supplementary benefits if they cannot afford their rent
For refugees, tackling depression can seem an impossible task
All unaccompanied minors are assigned a guardian
A volunteer gives advice to refugees in Aachen, Germany
Millions of Germans fled westward from states such as East Prussia after World War II
How asylum seekers enter Europe determines what they are eligble for.
An asylum seeker shows the official document detailing his upcoming appointment with the prefecture. (Credit: InfoMigrants)
Young African migrants in Palermo. Credit: ANSA/Sirignano Lara
If you agree to sign to false information, you are held equally legally responsible
German churches have long accepted those in need
Despite the feeble security situation, most asylum seekers from Afghanistan have little chances of being granted full asylum