Smuggling migrants has become a highly lucrative business for many | Photo: AP Photo/Mosa'ab Elshamy
A tent camp in the middle of the woods, January 2021 | Credit: Care4Calais
A migrant rescue off the coast of Libya in June 2020 | Photo: ANSA/Mediterranea Saving Humans


From file: Migrants at a former military barrack in Blazuj, suburbs of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26 August 2020 |  Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR via ANSA
Frontex logo on an agent's arm | Photo: DW/E. Elezi
Migrants land on the Italian island of Lampedusa | Photo: ANSA/Concetta Rizzo


German streetwork doctor Gerhard Trabert treating a migrant in the Bosnian town of Velika Kladuša in January 2021 | Photo: Alea Horst
One-year-old Said lies in his stroller in northern Paris. His parents are desperate for a place for the family to stay tonight | Photo: InfoMigrants
From file: A Salvamento Marítimo crew during a rescue operation | Photo: Salvamento Marítimo

Understanding Europe

Will 2021 see deportation flights from Germany to Syria? | Photo: B. Roessler/picture-alliance
London, UK. Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/D. Kalker
A young man in Calais, northern France | Photo: Reuters archive

The European Union

Migration numbers Relocation in 2015
Salem, an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Portugal
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