InfoMigrants is a news and information site for migrants to counter misinformation at every point of their journey: in their country of origin, along the route, or in the places where they hope to start a new life. InfoMigrants is available in five languages: French, Arabic, English, Dari and Pashto.

Migration is not new. People have always travelled in search of a better future. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, Europe has faced unprecedented migration flows. Each week, hundreds of people continue to risk their lives to reach European shores. How to address this challenge remains a divisive issue.

Providing verified, reliable news

There is consensus about one idea, however: migrants are in need of verified and balanced information, which is often difficult for them to access during their journey. Even before they leave their homes, migrants are exposed to a proliferation of poor and unreliable information. Studies show that the majority of migrants receive most of their information from human traffickers and smugglers, who seek to mislead and manipulate them.

A partnership between three major news sources

InfoMigrants is a collaboration led by three major European media sources: France Médias Monde (France 24, Radio France International, Monte Carlo Doualiya), the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and the Italian press agency ANSA. InfoMigrants is co-financed by the European Union.

France Médias Monde (FMM) reaches an audience of more than 135 million people around the world every week. FMM is recognized for its expertise in international news, thanks to a network of hundreds of correspondents across the globe.

Deutsche Welle reaches more than 160 million people each week via its radio and television networks.

ANSA provides news wires, photographs and videos in partnership with dozens of media sources around the world.

InfoMigrants.net is working in partnership with the Open University, which is responsible for evaluating the project.

Multilingual, multiple platforms

Today’s migrants may lack many things, but smart phones and social media enable them to stay connected with the world in a way that wasn’t possible a generation ago. They keep up with friends, family and news across multiple countries. To reach this connected population, InfoMigrants is available via multiple platforms, principally mobile phone and social media.


To supply migrants with reliable, verified, objective and balanced news and information about the countries they have left, the countries they travel through, and the countries to which they are headed.