Syrian refugee families at the refugee camp of Mohammara, Akkar province, northern Lebanon | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/Nabil Mounzer
From archive: Migrants boarding rescue vessel 'Aquarius' in the Mediterranean | Photo: ARCHIVE/ EPA/KENNY KARPOV
Inside Moria refugee camp-hot spot-detention center in Lesbos island, Greece /Photo (taken on a mobile phone) | Photo: Picture-alliance/N. Economou

Ivorian migrants returning from Libya arrive in Abidjan, Ivory Coast | Photo: EPA/LEGNAN KOULA
Refugees play football in the Moria refuge camp, on the island of Lesbos in Greece | Photo: EPA/PETER KLAUNZER
A boat carrying Tunisian migrants enters the port of Lampedusa after being rescued | PHOTO: ARCHIVE/ANSA/Ettore Ferrari
The Open Arms tugboat in the port of Naples | PHOTO: ANSA/Cesare Abbate
Hollywood actor Richard Gere talking to a migrant on the Open Arms rescue ship | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
Two women in the DRC | Photo: ANSA/AP PHOTO/JEROME DELAY
Migrants harvest tomatoes in Puglia | Photo: Sfruttazero
The building in Metaponto di Bernalda where a fire broke out and a young migrant died | Photo: ANSA
Protest by NGOs in Tunisia | Photo: Progetto20k