anwar ashraf

If the refugee seeks to obtain a new nationality, one different from that of the state which granted them protection, protection can be revoked
Everyone has a right to appeal against a negative deecision
The general idea is that all children have to continue their compulsory schooling at least until the age of about 15 and 16
The idea of the regulation is to provide more legal certainty - not only to asylum seekers but also to the companies and organizations that provide them with vocational training
If your asylum decision is negative, you lose your right to stay in Germany and may be forced to return to you country
The treaty says that it hopes to eliminate all forms of discrimination against migrants
The new decree is called the 'Salvini decree'
Ammar Abdal was internally displaced in Iraq for three years before coming to Germany
"The most difficult thing in Germany is the language", says lawyer Khaled Ammhan
"You have to keep working on yourself, you have to become active."
Many bloggers and activists have been arrested and even killed in Bangladesh for speaking their mind