charlotte boitiaux

Illustration : Baptiste Condominas
A Slovenian police officer monitors the Italian border in the Koper region | Photo: Dana Alboz/InfoMIgrants
The entrance to Vic asylum seekers' centre | Photo: InfoMigrants
The fence erected in Slovenia, on the Croatian border. Here, between the villages of Kostel and Fara Photo: Dana Alboz/InfoMigrants
Single men lined up at the edges of the camp being evacuated at Porte de la Chapelle on November 7 2019 |  Photo: InfoMigrants
A migrant under a camping tent in Porte de la Villette, Paris | Photo: InfoMigrants
Police vans in Calais, January 12, 2019 | Photo: Utopia 56
The migrant camp at Porte de la Chapelle in Paris. Credit: InfoMigrants
A migrant held in the Zintan center. Photo: DR
Migrants in the Verrotières camp in Calais in the winter of 2018. Photo: InfoMigrants
Migrants in Paris, January 2019. Credit: Reuters