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Resettlement is when refugees in a country of asylum are transferred to a third country that agrees to admit them
A group of migrant men rest in the desert during their journey in northern Niger | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/S. Ag Anara
Child returnee in Afghanistan | Credit: Save the Children
Child in the photo did not participate in the research | Credit: Save the Children/Zubair Shair Sherzay
Only immediate family members can apply for family reunification under the new regulation in Germany
Nasibullah S., an Afghan asylum seeker, returns to Germany after being wronly deported in early July 2018
Migrants waiting for registration in Tarifa, Spain | Credit: Marcos Moreno/AFP
Chancellor Angela Merkel is under pressure to EU-wide solutions to the migration crisis
Many homes have been destroyed in Syria's seven-year civil war
In 75 cases, pilots refused to carry out deportation flights
According to the EU Commission, €3 billion has already flowed into Turkey to cover the costs of educating half a million Syrian children