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Every year, people from all over Latin America try to cross into the US via Mexico | Photo: Daniel Diaz/dpa/picture alliance
Marriage conventions vary greatly between cultures, and are posing difficulties for German courts when dealing with asylum seekers | Photo: Uli Decker/dpa/picture-alliance
Police shot the attacker, an Afghan national | Photo: Armando Franca/AP Photo/picture-alliance
The EU has been funding the Libyan coast guard for years to help stem the flow of migrants into Europe | Photo: Hazem Ahmed/AP/picture-alliance
Survivors seek answer after boat disaster | Photo: Alessandro Serrano / AGF / AVALON / Photoshot / picture alliance
A picture of Afghan women football players | Photo: Kelly Defina / Getty Images
Michelin-starred French chef Thierry Marx says his school does not care about a person's past, only what they want to do now | Photo: DW video
Moro and Lina got married in Senegal | Photo: private
Germany plans to grant more work visas to people from the Western Balkan states | Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/picture alliance
Many migrant workers from Africa are among around 500 people living in the camp near Gioia Tauro in Calabria | Photo: DW
Destruction following the earthquake in Syria, February, 2023 | Photo: DW | Omar Albam (DW correspondent)
Image: Giuseppe Pipita/ZUMA/ANSA/IMAGO