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Women need not have medical insurance or a residency permit to be treated at the Diakonie AnDOCken clinic in Hamburg | Photo: DW/A. Grunau
Migrants in camps across Turkey are frustrated after spending years in limbo | Photo: Getty Images/A. Tzortzinis
Migrant numbers are on the rise again | Photo: Reuters/A. Konstantinidis
Carola Rackete spoke on the anniversary of the drowning of 300 people off the island of Lampedusa | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/F. Seco
 The number of migrants on the Greek islands has overwhelmed the local population and their resources | Photo: Reuters/A. Konstantinidis
Photo: Getty Images/AFP/B.Kilic
Huts in a refugee camp in Cyprus | Photo: DW/M. Karakoulaki
The United Nations and the European Union have called for investigations into the attack on the detention center in Libya / Photo: picture-alliance
Skilled labor in Germany / Photo: Getty Images/J. U. Koch
UN scholarship recipient Oscar Garcia Suarez wants to encourage other refugees to follow their dreams | Photo: DW/S. Serdar
In 2015, Germany allowed nearly 900,000 migrants to enter the country | Photo: picture-alliance/T. Stravrakis
Photo: Alexa Vachon