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The Greek island of Lesbos is where many migrants arrive from Turkey by crossing the Aegean Sea | Photo: A. Messinis/AFP
The EU wants 13 countries to show more willingness to cooperate over the readmission of rejected asylum seekers | Photo: Picture-alliance/E. Gubisch
Sahar Kalsoon hopes that she and her family can continue to live in Germany | Photo: Luisa von Richthofen/DW
Wanuri Kahiu | Photo: picture-alliance/D. Grenon
Samir Al Jubouri at Bonn's refugee center | Photo: Oliver Pieper/DW
Saman Haddad: 'Eat together, make music together, dance together. Then integration happens on its own.' | Photo copyright: D. Divinagracia
The bodies were found in the back of a trailer truck in October 2019 | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/A. Chown
More than 1,000 migrants reached the Canary Islands, Spain in the last week | Photo: Europa Press / picture-alliance / dpa
German police are holding a lorry driver on suspicion of migrant smuggling after several migrants purporting to be from Eritrea jumped out of the truck in western Germany | Photo: Andreas Arnold / picture-alliance / dpa
An image of Moria camp on Lesbos from above | Photo: Getty images / AFP/ A. Messinis
"Any assistance and responsibilities assigned to Libyan search and rescue entities should be made conditional on no one being arbitrarily detained, ill-treated or subjected to human rights violations post-disembarkation," said UN agencies | Photo: picture alliance/S. Palacios
Photo from file: The route from West Africa to the Canary Islands is seeing a surge of migrants | Photo: picture-alliance / AP Photo / M. Seminara