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Germany has taken in some 320,000 refugees from Ukraine, according to recent figures | Photo: Hannibal Hanschke/Getty Images
Victoria and her daughter Sofia hope to return to Ukraine after the war | Photo: Manuel Orbegozo / DW
The refugees hope the flight will finally take them to safety | Photo: Tania Krämer / DW
Germany has registered around 316,000 Ukrainian refugees so far | Photo: Moritz Frankenberg / dpa / picture alliance
To avoid people setting out on an often dangerous journey to Europe — for example across the Mediterranean Sea, as in this photo from August 2021 — the EU created the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to fight the root causes of migration in 2015 | Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/REUTERS
Ukrainians who fled their country amid the war are hoping to get euros for their hryvnia savings | Photo: Carsten Koall/dpa/picture-alliance
Pope Francis had to take an elevator to his place due to health problems | Photo: Reuters
Marten Lange-Siebenthaler delivered a first batch of aid mere days into the war | Photo: Private
Refugees from Ukraine have been broadly welcomed in the European Union since hostilities began in late February | Photo: Müller-Stauffenberg/Imago Images
Kabul has had a clampdown on media freedoms since the Taliban seized power last year | Photo: Adrien Vautier / Le Pictorium / MAXPPP / dpa / picture alliance
The border fence between Turkey and Greece runs near the wetlands of the Evros River | Photo: Nicolas Ecounomou / Nur Photo / Imago images
Girls from the Minawao Refugee Camp celebrate watching Nigeria in Cameroon | Photo: Xavier Bourgois / UNHCR