The Red Cross also helps people find missing relatives | Photo: Getty Images
Thursday's arrests were linked to the deaths of two Syrians who suffocated in an overfilled van at the Hungarian border | Photo: Robert Jaeger/AFP
Germany has produced its first National Discrimination and Racism Report, with surprising results | Christoph Schmidt/dpa/picture alliance
Kira, 14, fled Ukraine along with her 8-year-old sister Daryna | Photo: Monika Sieradzka/DW
Fruit pickers in southern Portugal work long hours for low pay | Screengrab from DW Global 3000 video
UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincent Birut seek to market the deal as a 'win-win' | Photo: Simon Wohlfahrt/AFP/Getty Images
Migrants board a plane to return to Nigeria from Libya. Return programs such as this are of particular interest to Germany | Photo: Yousef Mourad/picture alliance
Olja and Anna Burchok hope to return to Ukraine as soon as it is safe again | Photo: Private
Almost one half of people with migrant background spoke mostly or exclusively German at home | Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/picture-alliance
Refugees from Ukraine at Tegel airport in Berlin | Photo: Steffi Loos/AP/Picture-alliance
A group of African students on the station platform in Lviv, Ukraine | Photo: Adri Salido/AA/picture-alliance
Mirsa and Selim sold everything to bring their children to Germany | Photos: Arber Bajrami/DW