Ukrainian refugees taking part in a Czech language course in Prague | Photo: Archiv Luboš Palata
Source: DW report
Five men were arrested during the raid, four of them in Berlin and one in Halle | Photo: Paul Zinkendpa/picture alliance
More than tripple the number of migrants reached Italy in January this year, far more than during the two previous years, when the figure was around 6,000 | Photo: Concetta Rizzo/ANSA/picture alliance
Hundreds of ordinary Tunisians protested against racism last weekend in the capital, Tunis | Photo: Fauque Nicolas/Images de Tunisie/ABACA/picture alliance
The UK is seeking to deter illegal migrant arrivals with harsh new immigration legislation | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/dpa/picture alliance
Sub-Saharan migrants say they appreciate the support of many Tunisian people | Photo: Fauque Nicolas/Images de Tunisie/abaca/picture alliance
Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said 20 of its citizens had been on the boat, and 16 of them had survived but four were missing | Photo: Alessandro Serranó/AGF/Avalon/Photoshot/picture alliance
Protecting the EU's border – like here between Greece and Turkey – is controversial | Photo: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto/picture alliance
Boards with 'Employees wanted' written on them have become a common sight in Germany | Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa/picture alliance
Shrinking cities make room for refugees | Source: DW
Ukrainian refugees have fled war in their country only to be often targeted by disinformation  | Photo: Ole Spata/picture-alliance