More and more Russian men are trying to leave the country to avoid being recruited for the war in Ukraine | Photo: Alexey Malgavko/Reuters
Germany's population growth has been spurred by an influx of Ukrainian refugees | Photo: Picture-alliance
Families of missing people have long called for a new organization to help find relatives | Photo: Picture-alliance
Many German towns and cities are now struggling to host refugees | Photo: Picture-alliance
Specialists leaving their home countries leave a gap — but it's far more complex than that | Photo: Getty Images via DW
Muslims are discriminated against in German state institutions, the report found | Photo: Frank May/picture alliance
Gabor and Endre moved to Berlin in 2022 | Photo: Krisztian Bocsi/DW
Detect and deter: one of the electronic surveillance pylons near the Greek-Turkish border that aims to detect migrants and deter them from crossing into Greece | Photo: Giannis Papanikos/AP/picture alliance
Germany has disadvantages in attracting skilled workers: The German language and German bureaucracy top the list | Photo: Picture-alliance
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has claimed the problem was due to a housing shortage | Photo: Picture-alliance
Evacuees at Camp Liya in Kosovo protested in June after being stuck for months on the US Army base while awaiting resettlement decisions | Photo: Muhammad Arif Sarwari/AP Photo/picture alliance
Google is developing a campaign against misinformation | Photo: Andrew Kelly/REUTERS