leslie carretero

Many foreign workers work in the agricultural sector in Spain | Photo: InfoMigrants
Migrants on their way to Libya from Niger are taking routes that are more dangerous in order to slip past authorities' radars. Photo: Ansa
Police dismantled the largest migrant squat in Ile-de-France on April 26 | Photo : Aurélie Ruby
Archive image of a former slum demolition operation in 2021. | Photo: Prefecture of Mayotte
A group of about 200 young migrants and organizations working with them occupied an abandoned school in Paris on Tuesday, April 4 | Photo: Utopia 56
For two years, associations not mandated by the State cannot distribute meals in the city center of Calais (archive image).. Photo: Mehdi Chebil pour InfoMigrants.
Migrants abandoned in the Sahara desert | Photo: Sylla Ibrahima Sory
Migrants working in a field of tomato plants in Calabria. Photo : ANSA/Quotidiano Del Sud
Franck and his family are being housed in a welcome center in Saint-Beauzire, near Clermont-Ferrand | Photo: Private
From file: An improvised migrant camp in the Almeria region in Spain, 2018 | Photo: InfoMigrants
The PAF outpost situated at an Italian toll booth just before entry to France | Photo: Guillaume Gontard
Migrants arrested in Laayoune are often sent into the desert near the Algerian border | Photo: Private