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Migrants arrested in Laayoune are often sent into the desert near the Algerian border | Photo: Private
Undocumented workers at delivery service DPD set up a picket line outside the company | Photo: Private
From right, vying for the French presidency in 2022 – Le Pen, Zemmour and Dupont-Aignan | Photo: France 24
Daniel Merla is a priest in the small town of Siret, on the Romanian side of the border with Ukraine | Photo: InfoMigrants
Hundreds of people continue to pour into the Romanian border crossing town Siret | Photo: InfoMigrants
The new closed camp on the island of Samos opened on September 18, 2021 | Photo: MSF
Migrants walk in the streets of Calais, October 2019 | Photo: Mehdi Chebil.
The 'great replacement' theory is spreading among the French political class | Photo: FMM graphic studio
Migrants arrive at the Canary Islands after being rescued in the Atlantic, January 29 2022 | Photo: Reuters
Éric Zemmour has asserted a number of lies about asylum seekers | Photo: Reuters
Migrants use railroads like these at the village of Cerbère, near Perpignan, to enter France from Spain | Photo: Screen shot France 3 Occitanie
The cast of the web series "7 rue du rendez-vous" | Photo: Sept Arts et Plus