marlene panara

Belgian NGOs are fighting to find housing for asylum seekers on the street. Photo: InfoMigrants
From file: At a protest in the capital Nicosia, asylum seekers hold up banners asking for work and protesting about their exploitation. Some claim to be offered money and help in exchange for sex. April 16, 2019 | Photo: Caritas Cyprus
The Loon-Plage camp, near Dunkirk, on December 15, 2022 | Photo: Dana Alboz/InfoMigrants
From file: Migrants in Libya wait for a chartered return flight. | Photo: Mohamed Hmouzi/IOM
Many young people in France dream of pursuing university studies
From file: The fence constructed by Hungarian border protection prevents migrants from entering the country from Serbia | Photo: EPA
An uninterrupted ballet of taxis flows in front of the migrant center in Subotica, near the Hungarian border. Photo : InfoMigrants
Osman, 20, and Mohsen, 26, in front of an abandoned train station in Belgrade | Photo: InfoMigrants
In the Ain Zara center, 'when it rains outside, it also rains inside' | Photo: Private
Young refugees in the Gashora Transit Center in Rwanda | Photo: DW/A.Ngarambe
Skander (left) is searched by his brother Ryad (right). The young man disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea with 11 other people. Photo: DR
Lampedusa is the gateway to Europe for many migrants leaving from the African coasts. Photo: Sea Watch