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From file: The anchor center for asylum seekers in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt | Photo: M. Balk/picture-alliance/dpa
Lampedusa, February 3, 2023. At least eight migrants were found dead and around 40 were rescued by the Italian coast guard overnight on a ship off the coast of the island of Lampedusa | Photo: Picture-alliance/handout guardia costiera
Transgender activist Shakiro has been granted asylum after a long struggle | Photo: Reuters
From file: Blue Star Paros, the ferry of Blue Star Ferries belonging to Attica Group is entering the Port of Piraeus. A new investigation claims that passenger ships like this one transport migrants from Italy back to Greece without allowing them to file for asylum | Photo: Nicolas Economou/picture-alliance
Germany hosts the third-largest refugee population in the world  | Photo: Marc Tessensohn/Bundeswehr/picture alliance
Iran has been hit by the biggest wave of protests since becoming an Islamic republic in 1979 | Photo: Salam Pix/abaca/picture-alliance
From file: Countless traffickers operating in Libya are accused of keeping migrants under inhumane conditions to extort their families for money | Photo: Narciso Contreras/Hans Lucas/Imago
Just one week ago, these migrants disembarked from the Ocean Viking in the northern Italian port of Ravenna  | Photo: Frey Lindsay
The international police operation involved the cooperation of five governments | Photo: Wallace Woon/dpa/picture-alliance
With poverty levels also on the rise, conflict in South Sudan has migration observers worried | Photo: Stefanie Glinski/Welthungerhilfe
Demonsstrators in Germany have taken to the streets in solidarity with protestors in Iran | Photo: Christoph Strack/DW
The UK border police invests a lot of effort into detecting clandestine passengers in cargo traveling to the UK | Photo: Andrew Matthews/AP/picture-alliance