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US President Donald Trump meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
A Syrian refugee testifying in court
Migrants in Ingelheim, Germany
German chancellor Angela Merkel meets Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at a summit in Brussels
Syria's Aleppo after heavy fighting between Assad and opposition forces
Yusra Mardini, one of the star athletes of the IOC Refugee team at Rio 2016 | Credit: Reuters/Michael Dalder
Volunteers help migrants arriving on Lesbos. The main camp on the island, Moria, is full beyond its capacity
Refugees looking at an apartment in Weißenfels, Berlin
Cover of "Sea Prayer", published by Penguin Randon House
Mayor Andreas Hollstein chats to 17-year-old refugees Hani (left) and Mohamad. Credit: UNHCR/Gordon Welters
A refugee taking up apprenticeship training, or "Ausbildung" in Germany
Afghan migrants in Turkey. Credit: Reuters