A screenshot from British Home Secretary Priti Patel's Conservative Party Conference Speech | Source: British Conservative Party screenshot
The EU has been harshly criticized for supporting the Libyan coastguard to intercept migrant boats in the Mediterranean | Photo: Reuters file/H. Amara
This boat carrying 150 suspected asylum seekers sank north of Christmas Island in 2012
Applying for asylum in European countries is currently free | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/Schönberger
Martin Sellner has denied any connection to the New Zealand attack suspect | Photo: picture-alliance
The soccer player was forced to leave Bahrain after speaking out against the way the country treated its soccer players. | Credit: AP Photo,  G. Amarasinghe
Iranian journalist Behrouz Boochani, who won the Victorian Prize for Literature | Credit: Behrouz Boochani
Amy Shark tweeted that the situation of the stowaways was 'heartbreaking'
'The Merger'is a film about how sport can defeat prejudice | Screenshot of the film trailer
A still image of the video 'No way' ideated by the Australian government to discover the arrivals of illegal immigrants
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Refugees wait at the gate of the transit camp between Kenya and South Sudan
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