Two-year-old Mawra died the night of May 16, 2018 during a police pursuit in Belgium | Photo: Hand Out/Belga/picture-alliance
Frontex is facing numerous allegations of having violated human rights | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/C.Charisius
Migrants occupy the Beguinage church in Brussels, demanding dialogue with the government over regularization | Photo: AP Photo/F. Seco
Organized crime gangs are smuggling Vietnames children and people as goods across Europe | Source: Screenshot from ARD/RBB documentary Handelsware Kind
The court ruled that current practice in the Netherlands was not compatible with EU law | Photo: Imago Images/P. Scheiber
These migrants in March 2020 were caught in the argument between Turkey and the EU | Photo: picture alliance/NurPhoto/N. Economou
Refugees and migrants wait to be transferred from the island of Lesbos to the Greek mainland | Photo: AFP/MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS
Members of European Parliament protest by wearing masks that say "#nomoremoria" during a hearing by the European Parliament committee on the new pact for migration and asylum at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, 24 September 2020 | Photo: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET
Disinformation travels fast and lies about migration adapt to the news cycle | Photo: picture alliance / AP Photo
European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson speaks during a media conference at EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium | Photo: Virginia Mayo / EPA
A screenshot from Twitter of Mawda who was two years old when she was killed in Belgium | Source: Twitter screenshot
The president of the European Economic and Social Committee Christa Schweng tweeted her support for the new plan saying, "as integration happens on grassroots level, civil society has a role to play." | Source: Screenshot from Twitter