Migrants at the border between Bosnia and Croatia | Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
Media reports have shown migrants — including children — with wounds they say were inflicted by police
Srpska Republika police forces march during a parade to mark the 27th anniversary of the Republika Srpska, a legal entity within Bosnia | Photo: EPA/VLADIMIR STOJAKOVIC
A migrant walks with police assistance on the highway Belgrade-Zagreb. Photo: EPA/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC
Migrants in Bosnia, on the way to the Croatian border | Photo: DW/A.Kamber
In the picture, Friuli Venezia Giulia governor Massimiliano Fedriga | Photo: ANSA
Displaced people in Bihac | Photo: DW/D.Planert
Migrants at the tent camp in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Photo: EPA/FEHI
Migrants wait in front of Croatian police officers near the entrance of a reception center close to Croatia's border with Serbia, in Opatovac, Croatia, 22 September 2015. EPA/ZOLTAN BALOGH HUNGARY
In Bihac, Bosnia, many migrants are sleeping rough | Photo: IFRC
Migrants on the Balkan route rest in Belgrade, Serbia | Photo: EPA/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC
Migrants face police and soldiers at the Slovenian border with Croatia, 500 meters in Slovenia, at Rigonce, Slovenia, 23 October 2015 | Photo: EPA/IGOR KUPLJENIK