Czech Republic

From file: Migrants near the border between Serbia and Romonia | Photo: Reuters
A police officer directs the traffic, as they check vehicles at the Czech-Slovak border in Stary Hrozenkov, as part of the security measures put in place after the numbers of migrants travelling to Germany increased, Czech Republic, September 29, 2022 | Photo: REUTERS/Radovan Stoklasa
Refugees from Ukraine have been crossing at land borders of neighboring countries, like Slovakia | Photo: Radovan Stoklasa/Reuters
From file: Police in Germany arrested 18 individuals accused of smuggling people | Photo: K.J. Hildenbrand/dpa/picture-alliance
From file: asylum seekers in Germany | Photo: B. Thissen/dpa/picture-alliance
Google is developing a campaign against misinformation | Photo: Andrew Kelly/REUTERS
From file: Czech customs officers found 48 illegal migrants in a semitrailer truck they stopped and checked on a highway in the Czech Republic on November 5, 2020 | Photo: Vaclav Salek/CTK Photo
A member of the Hungarian Red Cross gives water to a migrant who arrived in Zakany, Hungary by train from Tovarnik, Croatia | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/GYORGY VARGA
Many Czech firms are desperately looking for new labor — can Ukrainian refugees help? | Photo: Tim Gosling/DW
No, Ukrainian refugees were not banned from shops in Prague | (Screenshot video report France24)
A young Ukrainian war refugee at the Main Railway Station in Prague, Czech Republic, May 18, 2022 | Photo: picture-alliance/Ondrej Deml
Children who fled war in Ukraine play in south-east Poland in a school gymnasium | Photo: Joe English / UNICEF