Two migrants given food and water by the organisation Al-Salam in Bani Walid, where one migrant who spoke to InfoMigrants said he was enslaved and tortured | Photo: Private
From file: With rising numbers of arrivals across the Channel, Kent County Council says it can no longer cope with the numbers of unaccompanied child migrants placed in its care | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Thousands of Eritrean refugees face hunger as supply trucks are unable to enter Tigray | Photo: Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty Images (via DW)
Tunisian naval forces rescued 178 migrants on June 27, 2021 off Tunisia's south coast | Photos: Picture-alliance/Tasnim Nasri/Anadolu Agency
Luna Solomon has a dream of competing in Tokyo in July | Photo: Reuters
Migrants travelling on foot in Marib, Yemen | Photo: EPA/Yahya Arhab
Syrians in Germany | Photo: H. Schmidt/dpa/picture-alliance
From file: Police and Army patrol in Tarvisio, Udine | Photo: ANSA
A tug boat from the company Augusta Offshore | Photo: Augusta Offshore S.P.A/ FACEBOOK
Amanal Petros lost contact with his mother and sisters in Tigray, northern Ethiopia in early December | Photo: picture-alliance
Various evacuations of migrant camps in Paris have drawn international ire | Photo: REUTERS/Noemie Olive
Mother Mechthild Thürmer has taken in some 30 asylum seekers | Source: Screenshot from a YouTube video by the Bamberg Archdiocese