From file: The border between Russia and Finland | Photo: Reuters (archive)
From file: A Polish border post in Tolcze near Kuznica, Poland, January 27, 2022 | Photo: Reuters/Kacper Pempel
From file: Millions have left Ukraine since the onset of the war | Photo: picture-alliance/AP
Poland has set up a razor wire fence in some places on its frontier with Belarus to stop migrants from crossing over | Photo: Leonid Shcheglov/Belta/AFP/Reuters
A makeshift camp for refugees and migrants in Belarus on the Polish border on November 11, 2021 | Photo: Viktor Tolochko/Sputnik/picture-alliance/dpa
Afghanistan remains volatile, with violent attacks taking place across the country almost daily | Photo: Omar Sobhani/REUTERS
Unaccompanied refugee children prepare to fly from Athens to various EU countries. The first contingent left Greece for Luxembourg in mid-April | Photo: Reuters / Orestis Panagiotou
The number of migrant children on the Greek islands is on the rise. Finland is expected to select 175 of the most vulnerable in order to try and alleviate the humanitarian situation | Photo: picture-alliance/AA/A. Mehmet
IOM Finland Chief of Mission Simo Kohonen and H&M Group Head of Sustainability Anna Gedda sign an MoU to Promote the Ethical Recruitment and Protection of Migrant Workers | Photo: IOM
The border between Russia and Finland | Photo: Reuters (archive)
Each European nation has its own set of laws and rules one must follow before becoming a citizen | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU
The cover of the guidelines Credit: IOM