Migrants crossing the English Channel, September 2020 | Photo: picture-alliance/P. Bonniere
Migrants sit in a boat navigating the waters in the English Channel off the coast of northern France | Photo: Salmeer Al-Doumy/AFP/Getty Images
Mohamed and his wife in their apartment in the Paris region | Photo: Private
Various evacuations of migrant camps in Paris have drawn international ire | Photo: REUTERS/Noemie Olive
Migrants boarding a bus that will take them to Ventimiglia, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Luca Zennaro (archival picture)
Lydia Veyrat, a Beninese nurse's aide employed  in an Ehpad in Isère, has been threatened with expulsion | Photo: Private
Place de la Republique in Paris, where a migrant camp was cleared by police on November 23, 2020 | Photo: Michael Bunel/Le Pictorium/MAXPPP/dpa/picture-alliance
Air France airplane | Photo: Pixabay
Migrants await evacuation from the Saint-Denis camp on November 17, 2020. Credit: Reuters
Migrants at the Saint Denis camp in Paris | Photo: Christophe Petit Tesson/dpa/picture-alliance
Migrants in the make-shift Saint-Denis camp, in the outskirts of northern Paris, in November 2020. Photo: Mehdi Chebil
An illegal tent camp is dismantled near the western city of Nantes. Photo: Reuters