Parisa Jahanfekrian's Olympic dream has returned | Photo:
Afghan refugees show their registration cards to renew their Proof of Registration (POR) cards in Peshawar, Pakistan on September 30, 2021 | Photo: Arshad Arbab/EPA
Many African students studying in Ukraine have been forced to flee to neighboring countries due to the war | Photo: Robert Ghement/EFE/EPA
The Iuventa crew say they saved 14,000 lives within a year of operation before the ship was seized | Source: Handout Iuventa10
Irina has a large family to support. She found a job in a Berlin restaurant | Screengrab from DW 'Made in Germany' video: 'How can Ukrainian women find work in Germany?'
A deportation stamp issued by German authorities | Photo: Picture-alliance
The German Office for Migration and Refugees has some hefty bills to pay | Photo: picture-alliance/Geisler-Fotopress
Anas Alturkey feels he can relate to people who are forced to start all over | Photo: Anas Alturkey's public Facebook profile
Germany has produced its first National Discrimination and Racism Report, with surprising results | Christoph Schmidt/dpa/picture alliance
A plane carrying people who have been evacuated from Afghanistan arrives in Paris in September 2021 | Photo: REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier
Afghan refugees at the Iran border, August 19, 2021  | Photo distributed by the Iranian Red Crescent/AFP/Mohammad Javazadeh
Legal immigrants have to usually spend eight years in Germany before qualifying for citizenship | Photo: B. Fishman / picture-alliance / dpa