On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, another deportation flight to Afghanistan from Munich airport took place. | Credit: Imago, M. Trammer
A banner reading 'Refugees Welcome' at a demonstration against the convention of the German right-wing 'Alternative for Germany' party (AfD), Riesa, Germany, 12 January 2019.EPA/MARKUS HEINE
A deportation aircraft bound for Afghanistan in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2016 | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/B.Roessler
Enthusiastic participants help a new cyclist | Photo credit: #BIKEYGEES e.V.
A refugee in Thessaloniki | Photo: DW/Marianna Karakoulaki
Pia Klemp | Photo: Picture-alliance/Geisler-Fotopress/C.Hardt
Refugees from Iraq at the airpoirt in Hanover, Germany | Photo: AP
Aydin Alinejad of the Munich Refugee Council is talking to a woman from Uganda in the "Infobus for Refugees" | Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa
The German parliament on Friday approved new rules to facilitate tougher implementation of deportation rules | Photo: Imago/Rainer Weisflog
German police officer inspecting a passport visa | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
A refugee works in a manufacturing plant | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/C.Schmidt