Lamine explains how he places his bet in a betting parlour in Bonn, Germany | Photo: Marco Wolter
Mamou’s public transport station is the main point of departure for the city’s youth who often take a taxi towards the Malian border. Photo: Julia Dumont
Mamadou Barry Diallo (right) was born in Dara in 1949. For years, he’s witnessed the youth departures from Dara | Photo: Julia Dumont
Inspections at the Ventimiglia border with France | Photo: ANSA/Lorenzo Ballestra
A woman with a rough blade used for FGM in Uganda | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/Y.Chiba
Mbaye Sarr and Oumar Sylla with Matteo Venzi and Andrea Gelli | Credit: Rolling Dreamers
Credit: Charlotte Boitiaux
Credit: Charlotte Boitiaux
Mamadou made the decision to return home to Guinea instead of travelling to France (Credit: ANSA)
Many young people in Guinea face the decision whether to stay or try to leave for Europe
Kodiko also organises speed-dating activities and courses for migrants. Photo: Kodiko
Souleymane Diallo during the meeting in Rome. Photo: Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA