University of the People announces UoPeople in Arabic, a University run by Refugees for Refugees | Photo: University of the People
Iraqi refugees near the Turkish border in 2014 | Photo: picture-alliance
Iraqi displaced people receive donations from the Barzani Charity Foundation after their refugee camp - Salamiya 3, southeast of Mosul - was flooded following heavy rainfall | Photo: EPA/GAILAN HAJI
Many young people dream of getting a university education | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa
Ali B., accused of raping and killing a teenage girl | Photo: Getty Images/Pool/R.Wittek
Civilians evacuated from the Islamic State's holdout of Baghouz | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/B.Kilic
Refugees and migrants wait for a pre-registration process at the refugee camp in the former international Helliniko Airport in Athens, Greece | Photo: EPA/Simela Pantzartzi
A Yazidi child sits on the floor at a refugee camp on the Hungarian border | Photo: DW/D.Cupolo
Photo: Picture Alliance/AP Photo/D. Bandic
Sudanese and Somalian children celebrate during an activity marking World Refugee Day in Khan As'ad Pasha, in the old city of Damascus, Syria, 20 June 2018. Credit: EPA/YOUSSEF BADAWI
Refugees in Mosul in Iraq | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / A.DiCenzo
IOM has launched the online platform E-Campus | Photo: IOM/Marcela Cerdas