The government wants to increase deportations - but the backlog is long | Photo: Daniel Kuburski/picture-alliance
From file: Iraqi Yazidis photographed during their escape to Turkey, 2014 | Photo: picture-alliance
A mass funeral for Yazidi victims of the Islamic State group in the northern Iraq | Photo: Zaid Al-Obeidi/AFP/Getty Images
From file: Wives of Islamic State (IS) fighters are seen waiting next to their belongings upon their deportation from the al-Hol camp for refugees in Syria | Photo: Ahmed Mardnli/EPA
From file: The fence between Lithuania and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad | Photo: Michal Dyjuk picture alliance
Police carrying out an operation against human smuggling suspects in Berlin, Germany, on December 7, 2022 | Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa/picture alliance
Migrants launch from the coast of northern France cross the English Channel in an inflatable boat near Dover, Britain, August 4, 2021 | Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters
 The Manston immigration short-term holding facility in Thanet, Kent, UK. Picture date: October 31, 2022 | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/picture-alliance
A suspected migrant smuggler, with his back to camera, looks on as Hungarian police arrest a man involved in a car chase and fire fight on November 14, 2022 | Photo: picture alliance /
Idris Hassan is an Iraqi Kurd who says he was working happily in Sweden before being deported to Italy | Photo: Emma Wallis / InfoMigrants
From file: A crisis escalated on the border of Belarus with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia as thousands of migrants tried to approach the EU borders | Photo: Oksana Manchuk / picture alliance
Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been awarded the Nansen Prize by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR | Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Fabian Sommer