Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Palermo, Italy, in front of the Sea Watch 4 | Photo: ANSA/Ignazio Marchese
A landing in Sicily of migrants rescued by the ship Ocean Viking, 1 May 2021 | Photo: TWITTER SOS MEDITERRANEE ITALIA
Sea-Watch 4 arrived in Trapani, Sicily on Tuesday, May 4, carrying 454 rescued passengers | Source: Screenshot from Sea-Watch @seawatchcrew (Twitter)
Ebrima Darboe during the match Sampdoria-Roma on May 2, 2021 | Photo: AS ROMA via ANSA
Libyan coast guard vessel returning migrants to Tripoli in 2017 | Photo: picture alliance/M. Ben Khalifa
Rescue crew of Sea-Watch 4 hands out life jackets to about 97 people in distress in the central Mediterranean | Copyright: Fabian Melber/
Hostel for seasonal workers inaugurated in Cassibile on April 29, 2021 | Source: Italian Interior Ministry
A barber of foreign origin in Milan | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO
Migrants outside the 'Gran Ghetto', the tent camp in the countryside between San Severo and Rignano Garganico | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / FRANCO CAUTILLO
A homeless man near the Termini station in Rome | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/LO MELE/DI GIACOMO
Police operation against the Nigerian mafia, in L'Aquila, April 2021 | Photo: ANSA/POLICE PRESS OFFICE
From file: A group of migrants at the Borgo Mezzanone settlement in Foggia |  Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/Franco Cautillo