The Sea Watch 3 rescue ship enters the port of Catania, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Orietta Scardino
Sissoko, Paris, February 12, 2019 | Photo: InfoMigrants
The golden Waves art show in Pianoro | Photo: Marco Mensa/Ethnos
Migrants learn barista skills in the motherland of espresso | Programma Integra
Migrants at a lesson in the Catania asylum seekers reception center | photo archive ANSA / Orietta Scardino
Giuseppe Conte spoke of a Europe for the people but which people was he talking about in his speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg? | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / AP / J. Moron
Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando at the ANSA forum. | Credit: ANSA
Migrants and asylum seekers at the CARA refugee center in Castelnuovo di Porto, Rome, 22 January 2019. | Photo: ANSA/Massimo Percossi
The hotel Bellevue, in Cosio Valtellino in the province of Sondrio, was turned into a reception center for asylum seekers and in recent months had changed its name to Rezia Valtellina. Now it is about to close.| Photo: ANSA / Carlo Orlandi
Photo courtesy of Sea Watch showing the private rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 off the Libyan Coast, December 19, 2018 | Photo: EPA/CHRIS GRODOTZKI/SEA-WATCH.ORG
A migrant waits to disembark from the Spanish ship 'Rio Segura' in the harbor of Salerno, Italy, June 29, 2017 | Photo: ANSA/Ciro Fusco
The Mediterranean route accounted for half of all migrants that died or went missing in 2018, according to IOM. | Photo: Picture-alliance