A frame of the police video on the operation against the alleged traffickers | Photo: Police
A frame of the video made for the project 'Leaving violence. Living Safe' of UNHCR | Photo: UNHCR
Immigrant families whose children were born in Italy | Photo: ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco
Somali refugees shortly after their registration at a refugee camp in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia | Photo: EPA/Carola Frentzen
Two mothers waiting for their children to leave a school in Lodi, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Daniel Dal Zennaro
The 'black sardines' protest in Naples | Photo: ANSA/Ciro Fusco
Foreign mothers in Italy breastfeeding | Photo: ANSA/Claudio Peri
The INPS logo | Photo:  Filippo Monteforte/ANSA/PAL
OASI on the street was created by Mosaico, a support group for refugees, founded and run by refugees in Turin | Source: Screenshot mosaico
Italian police officers escort migrants onto an airplane in Lampedusa, Italy | Photo: EPA/Carlo Ferraro
Last June, the Sea-Watch was blocked at sea with 42 people aboard due to the "closed ports" policy of former Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini | Photo: ANSA/TWITTER/SEA WATCH