An injured African migrant being helped by another one during a sit-in to demand that the international community takes them out of Libya | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/STR
Thousands of migrants camped outside the UNHCR Community Development Center in Tripoli, Libya | Photo : Reuters
Migrants gather in Tripoli, le 5 janvier 2022. Crédit : Refugees in Libya
Migrants returned to Libya after being intercepted in the Mediterranean Sea face the risk of abuse in detention centers. Garaboli Libya, Monday, October 18, 2021 | Photo: AP Photo/Yousef Murad
Abdullah, 18, was burned with gasoline by a smuggler in Sebbah. The young Sudanese man is hospitalized for several months | Photo: Private
Bodies of migrants seen at the beach of Khoms, Libya on December 26, 2021 | Photo: Hamza Al Ahmar/Anadolu Agency
Sea-Watch rescued 180 migrants from a boat in distress on Saturday | Photo: Max Brugger/Sea-Watch/dpa/picture-alliance
Carola Rackete, the German captain of rescue vessel Sea-Watch 3, has repeatedly stated that she had no regrets about the way she had acted | Photo: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

Libyan prisons, where nearly 6,000 migrants are reportedly held, are described as a veritable "hell on earth." | Photo: Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights
The Geo Barents rescued 69 people from a rubber boat in the early hours of Thursday, November 23, 2021 | Photo: Eloise Liddy, MSF via Twitter
From file: Migrants on an overcrowded wooden boat in the Mediterranean Sea on January 10, 2020 | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/Santi Palacios
The Italian coast guard ship Diciotti with rescued migrants on board enters the port of Trapani, Sicily, in July 2018 | Photo: ANSA/Igor Petyx