An image posted on Twitter by Alarm Phone and the Aditus Foundation purporting to be the missing migrant boat taken from the Moonbird | Source: Twitter feed @aditusNGO
A picture from file showing migrants off the Libyan coast in 2018 | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/O.Calvo
Ministers of the southern EU states meet in Athens on March 20, 2021 | Photo: Eurokinissi/ANE/picture-alliance
One of the buildings at the Hal Far migrant detention center in Malta | Photo: Anne-Diandra Louarn / InfoMigrants
Migrants are driven away on police buses after disembarking on Malta in September 2019 | Photo: EPA/Domenic Aquilina
Image taken from inside Safi barracks on Malta, where migrans are detained | Photo: Private
Migrants at the Safi detention center in Malta | Photo: EPA/Lino Arrigo Azzopardi
Frontex detected less migrant children crossing the borders in 2020 | Photo: Idro Seferi/DW
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) helps Malta with voluntary relocations to other EU member states | Copyright: IOM
A picture of the Sea-Eye 4 from the Sea-Eye website | Photo: Katarzyna Gmitrzak / Sea-Eye Organization
EU member states remain at odds over a unified migration policy, but there is some progress | Photo: picture-alliance
Thousands of refugees have drowned in Mediterranean waters after embarking on perilous journeys on unseaworthy vessels | Photo: C. Marquardt / picture-alliance /dpa / NurPhoto