A home carer accompanies her elderly employer on a walk in Rome | PHOTO: ANSA
There are more than 3,000 Moroccan women who come to Spain each year to pick strawberries | Photo: Imago / Agencia EFE / Julian Perez
An immigrant of Moroccan origin works in Rome as a shoeshine | Photo:  ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI
Thousands of migrants attempt each year to cross the Strait of Gibraltar | Photo: imago/imagebroker/T. Dressler
From file: A person at an asylum center in Germany | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/K. J. Hildenbrand
A person harvesting tomatoes between Lesina and San Nazario, southern Italy, on May 7, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
Moroccan migrant who lives in a house for undocumented immigrants near Almería, Spain | Photo: Ismail Azzam
In Nijar municipality, Almeria, Southern Spain, up to 6,000 migrants live in makeshift settlements | Photo: Reuters
Despite a relatively slow spread of COVID-19 in Tunisia, authorities are taking the situation seriously - except when it comes to migrants | Photo: Picture-Alliance/AA/Nacer Talel
A still from a video released by the Italian police on the dismantling of an illegal ring involved in fraudulent papers to get stay permits | Photo: ANSA/Polizia di Stato
The harvesting season in Spain is supposed to begin in April | Photo: picture-alliance
From file: Migrants climb the fence on the border between Melilla and Morocco | Photo: Reuters