Players from the Afghan girls' national team at a soccer pitch in Odivelas, Portugal, on September 30, 2021 | Photo: Ana Brigida/AP Photo/picture-alliance
Migrants like Ranjan Dahl from Nepal are happy to have found a job in Portugal, but conditions are tough | Photo: Jochen Faget/DW
A view of Lisbon, Portual | Photo: Pixabay
Immigrants in the Portuguese capital Lisbon | Credit: Screenshot of ARD's "titel, thesen, temperamente" episode from January 10, 2021
From file: Migrants rescued by the humanitarian vessel Aquarius will be distributed to France, Germany, Spain and Portugal | REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane
A young asylum seeker in Ter Apel, Netherlands | Photo: Petra Katanic/Copyright: De Vrolijkheid
EU member states remain at odds over a unified migration policy, but there is some progress | Photo: picture-alliance
Tens of thousands of undocumented workers, including migrants, are falling through the cracks of Portugal's welfare safety net, report the news agency Reuters | Photo: Reuters / Guglielmo Mangiapane
Refugee children from Greek island camps arriving in Luxembourg | Photo: AFP/O.Panagiotou
138 out of 175 migrants in a hostel in Lisbon tested positive for coronavirus in Portugal on Sunday. They have been placed in quarantine | Photo: Reuters / Rafael Marchante
Portuguese authorities test migrants in a hostel in Lisbon for coronavirus | Photo: Reuters / Rafael Marchante
Syrian refugee Ramia Ghumim cooks food for health workers at her restaurant Tayybeh in Lisbon, Portugal April 9, 2020 | Photo: Reuters/A. Ghumim