Macron (l.) and Conte (r.) are inching forward to a solution in the redistribution of migrants | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/R. De Luca
Syrian refugees set up the Jeenda Sweet Factory in Domiz Camp, northern Iraq | Photo: IOM, 2017
UNHCR Regional Representative for EU Affairs, Gonzalo Vargas Llosa | Photo: ANSA
Michael Roth, Germany's deputy minister for European affairs
Sample of the IOM-Mastercard product developed for delivery of financial support to refugees and migrants Credit: IOM
A member of the Romanian Interior Ministry (MAI) troops at the new tent camp for refugees near Lunga village, 550 kilometers west from Bucharest, Romania.PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/SEBASTIAN TATARU
a member of the Romanian Interior Ministry (MAI) troops checks a tent camp prepared for migrants |  Photo/Archive/EPA/SEBASTIAN TATARU
The project will start with pre-departure orientation courses for the refugees currently based in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.
'No borders': Graffiti along the Balkan route (DW/D. Tosidis)
Apprehended at the border: migrants in Romania
November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017