A child receives a vaccination shot in Germany | Photo: Picture Alliance
Police raid against alleged human traffickers in Germany | Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa/picture-alliance
Refugees and migrants are rescued by members of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms after leaving Libya trying to reach European soil aboard an overcrowded rubber boat, north of the Libyan Coast. Picture taken Sunday May 6 2018 | Photo: Picture Alliance / AP Photo / Felipe Dana
Syrian children are the main victims of the ongoing war | Credit: Reuters
A German police officer wearing a Frontex armband
There aren't as many foreigners in the EU as people believe Photo: ANSA
refugees at the Greek camp Moria on Lesbos
Refugees in Hungary
Refugees arriving in Salerno, Italy
Migrants  in the Czech Republic
Ungarn Grenzzaun zwischen Serbien und Ungarn (picture alliance/dpa/MTI/B. Mohai)
Deutschland Jugendliche in Düsseldorf Symbolbild (picture-alliance/dpa/R. Vennenbernd)