Slovenian police hold people back at the border crossing between Rigonce in Slovenia and Harmica in Croatia. | Photo: EPA/IGOR KUPLJENIK
An Italian police car | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA
Some of the Syrian refugees who have been resettled in Slovenia. Credit: IOM
The Italian-French border in Ventimiglia.Photo/ANSA
Nujeen Mustafa is hopeful about the future | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/S. Prautsch
Migrants walk toward the Slovenian-Austrian border between Sentilj and Spielfield, in Sentilj, Slovenia. Credit: EPA/ Gyorgy Varga
Janez Jansa of the anti-immigration SDS
From file: Refugees arriving at Bregana, Croatia, waiting to cross the border into Slovenia in September 2015
Migrants face police and soldiers at the Slovenian border with Croatia. Photo/Archive/EPA/IGOR KUPLJENIK
A woman looks out a an airplane window during a resettlement flight Image credit: IOM/M.Mohammed)
'No borders': Graffiti along the Balkan route (DW/D. Tosidis)