Young people learn web development skills at Social Hackers Academy in Athens, Greece on Jan 24 2018 | Photo: Imago / Marios Lolos
The Backway - an interactive web documentary and game | Source: Sreenshot from the prototype of 'The Backway', Impact Unified
Video screenshot of Elin Ersson | Source: DW
Elin Ersson onboard a plane where she prevented the deportation of an Afghan on Monday, July 23. Credit: Elin Ersson
Screenshot of Facebook video showing Elin Ersson | Source: facebook.com/hamzahtoraby786
*Mohammed arrived in Paris from Sweden on December 11, 2018, to avoid deportation to Afghanistan where he faces the death penalty. Photo: Louise Nordstrom/ InfoMigrants
Migrants arriving in Goteborg, Sweden.PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/ADAM IHSE
Elin Ersson in her video that she filmed herself while on the plane
The right to vote is asserted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Swedish police round up a group of migrants on board a train in the southern Swedish city of Malmo | Credit: EPA/ Stig-Ake
Children in a center for unaccompanied minors in Athens
Protest against Jimmie Akesson in Malmö, Sweden, on September 3, 2018