Germany's interior minister Horst Seehofer | Photo: Reuters/F.Bensch
Banner of the December Global Forum on Refugees conference | CREDIT: UNHCR
Young people learn web development skills at Social Hackers Academy in Athens, Greece on Jan 24 2018 | Photo: Imago / Marios Lolos
Art or a grave? More than 700 people lost their lives inside the hull of this fishing boat | PHOTO: DW/S.Dege
Switzerland: Eritrean kids are reunited with their mother in Europe after eight years of separation | Source: Screenshot UNHCR /Tarik Argaz
Syrian refugees wait at the registration office of the UNHCR in Amman, Jordan | AP Photo/Raad Adayleh
Many medical professionals in Ticino object to the new directive  | Photo: Pixabay
Credit: Football against Racism in Europe
Eritrean migrants in Switzerland protest against deportations | Credit: Jack Guez/AFP
Asylum seekers waiting at a reception center in Berlin. BAMF received 190,000 asylum applications in the first eight months of 2015
Protesters at a rally against torture | Source: UN Committee Against Torture
A refugee playing the public piano in Bregenz, Austria Photo credit: Open Piano for Refugees