Inspections at the Ventimiglia border with France | Photo: ANSA/Lorenzo Ballestra
Refugees outside a tent in a refugee camp at Ras Ajdir border crossing on the Tunisian Libyian border, in Tunisia. Photo: EPA/HANNIBAL HANSCHKE
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini | Credit: ANSA
Police accompany Tunisian deportees | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/H.Schmidt
Migrants sit at the Njila detention center in Tripoli, Libya.Credit: EPA/STR
The Commission against human trafficking in Tunis | ANSA
Authorities recorded raids associated with the operation | Credit: ANSA/GUARDIA DI FINANZA POLICE
Critics say that especially women face persecution in Maghreb states | PHOTO: picture-alliance/dpa/M Messara
According to a new report, irregular emigration from Tunisia is on the rise | Credit: ANSA/REACH/Mercy Corps
A boat carrying Tunisian migrants enters the port of Lampedusa, Italy | Photo: ANSA
Migrants rescued by Spanish Salvamento Maritimo arrive in the port of Melilla, Spain | Photo: EPA/F.G.GUERRERO
A mother and her two children walking by policemen in Tunis. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA