Transgender activist Shakiro has been granted asylum after a long struggle | Photo: Reuters
From file: Refugees often report suffering mental health issues but not finding the help they need | Photo: D. Lipinski/empics/picture-alliance
Droughts and other weather-related disasters will presumably lead to a rise in the number of 'environmental migrants'
Women and children displaced by fighting between rebel soldiers and government troops wait in line to collect their food rations in Mingkaman, South Sudan | Photo: EPA/Kaste Holt/UNICEF
The Film Festival KINO ASYL is curated by young refugees | Image: Courtesy KINO ASYL
People have been evacuated from Afghanistan to countries around the world | Photo: U.S. Air Force/Getty Images via DW
Ugandans say Afghan refugees are welcome but there also those who fear they could be a security risk | Photo: Abubaker Lubowa/Reuters
Refugees from South Sudan | Photo: Getty Images/D.Kitwood
A group of asylum seekers listening to speeches during the demonstration "Not gay enough", in The Hague, 26 November, 2019 | Photo: picture-alliance/Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto
Congolese refugee Furaha Ceru Olive (right) speaking with the Nansen Refugee Award regional winner for Africa, Francoise Sabuni Chikunda | Photo: UNHCR/Esther Ruth Mbabazi
Refugee children at the Big Sports House Stadium in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan | Photo: EPA/Amel Pain
Congolese refugees in Kyangwali camp in Uganda, 2018 | Photo: Reuters