United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Theresa May | Photo: ANSA
Syrians who crossed the Evros river between Greece and Turkey in May 2018 | Photo: Reuters / A. Konstantinidis
Photo: Picture Alliance/AP Photo/D. Bandic
Amy Shark tweeted that the situation of the stowaways was 'heartbreaking'
Migrant near the Eurotunnel in Calais | Photo: Picture-alliance/PAWire/Y.Mok
The English Channel has seen a spike in attempted crossings. | Photo: Picture-alliance/maxppp
More than 200 migrants and refugees have arrived in the UK since October 2018 | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/empics/PAWire/V. Jones
Chef Imad Alarnab and his friend, filmmaker Hassan Akkad, prepare lunch for customers | Photo: DW/M. Karakoulaki
Eritrean women and children sing and pray to celebrate their arrival in Europe aboard the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms rescue vessel
Migrants aboard a rubber boat after being intercepted by French authorities, off the port of Calais, northern France
The logo of the 'Global Estimates on International Migrant Workers' study by ILO. Credit: ILO
Migrants hosted by reception centres in Naples. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA CIRO FUSCO