United Kingdom

Earning citizenship makes working and living in Europe much easier | Credit: Picture alliance/dpa/B. Fishman
Many women are forced into prostitution to 'repay' the costs of coming to the UK | Photo: Picture-alliance/PAWire/D.Lipinski
Photo: Picture-alliance/ANP/R.Koole
Children in the Moria camp in Greece | Credit: Sarah Sammya Anfis
The general idea is that all children have to continue their compulsory schooling at least until the age of about 15 and 16
British Prime Minister Theresa May | Photo: ANSA
Syrians who crossed the Evros river between Greece and Turkey in May 2018 | Photo: Reuters / A. Konstantinidis
Photo: Picture Alliance/AP Photo/D. Bandic
Amy Shark tweeted that the situation of the stowaways was 'heartbreaking'
Migrant near the Eurotunnel in Calais | Photo: Picture-alliance/PAWire/Y.Mok
The English Channel has seen a spike in attempted crossings. | Photo: Picture-alliance/maxppp
More than 200 migrants and refugees have arrived in the UK since October 2018 | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/empics/PAWire/V. Jones