Haroune Khelifati has faced an administrative wall for three years and is now at risk of deportation | Photo: France 3 (submitted by Khelifati)
Screenshot from video report about Johanna Omolo by DW | Source: DW
Attitudes toward the LGBT community in the Islamic Republic could be described as extremely hostile | Photo: Amin Monfared/ZUMA wire/picture-alliance
A migrant detention centre in Zintan | Photo: Screengrab/InfoMigrants
The island of Lesbos with its Kara Tepe camp has had a bout of severe winter weather | Photo: Elias Marcou/REUTERS
Refugees and migrants are at high risk of exposure to the virus, especially in camps | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/L.Gouliamaki (via DW)
Migrants in the hands of smugglers in Libya | Photo: Reuters
Many of the people camped out in Bosnia had hoped to the enter the EU through Hungary | Photo: Marina Strauß/DW
A primary school in the 18th arrondisement in Paris | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Migrants in the French Alps, near Briançon. Photo : Mehdi Chebil
Gültekin in front of a wall where the Hanau attack victims' names, including his brother's, are spray-painted | Photo: Lisa Hänel/DW
A dose of Covid vaccine developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca | Photo: Rafayat Haque Khan / Imago / Zuma