Lampedusa is the door to Europe. Credit:
Lampedusa is the door to Europe. Credit:

The European campaign "No More Bricks in the Wall" includes a project called "Snapshots From The Borders", whose heart is "voice and experiences (snapshots) from the borders" across Europe, to tell the story of the migratory situation. The event is being held for World Refugee Day on June 20.

The European campaign "No More Bricks in the Wall" is a project on migration that includes the initiative "Snapshots from the Borders" which features testimonials from the frontlines of the migratory situation in the EU.

The project, involving 19 territories, 17 local institutions and 14 civil society organizations, is the first public event held simultaneously across Europe for World Refugee Day on June 20. 

Three-pronged project 

The three-pronged project includes campaigns, awareness, and advocacy. The first will take place through specific workshops and seminars promoted with the European Commission; the second through a public awareness communication campaign titled "No More Bricks in the Wall" and various cultural events. The third goal will involve the creation of a formal network of "border territories". The main activities will include campaigns, informational seminars, local events, visits, and exchanging of best practices among the various participating countries. 

During the first year, work will focus on borders, in the second year the project will aim to bring local issues to the capital cities, and in the third and final year, the results will be brought to Brussels and institutional headquarters. 

Initiative to flip the narrative 

"Snapshots From The Borders is a challenge that we welcomed in order to try to flip the narrative on migration, starting with and together with those who experience it every day," said Guglielmo Micucci, director of AMREF Italy. "In fact, we think the best way to tell the story of the real problems tied to this issue are the stories of those who depart and those who receive," he said. Totò Martello, mayor of Lampedusa, said the "physical and symbolic building process at the Mediterranean borders is facing a new challenge". 

"From the north to the south of Europe, for the first time, we feel the opportunity all together to make our 'voices from the border' heard even stronger, and to bring them to the capitals of our countries and to the European institutions," Martello said. "Snapshots From The Borders" is a three-year project, co-financed by the European Union and managed by 31 partners, local authorities, and civil society organizations, of which the city of Lampedusa and Linosa is the leader.

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