Migrants cross the Austrian-German border
Migrants cross the Austrian-German border

Only a small proportion of irregular migrants to Germany arrive via the Austrian border. Police figures show that more than 70 percent of migrants come through other countries, according to a German newspaper.

The Rheinische Post reports, in the first five months of 2018, there were 18,024 unauthorized entries into Germany. Of these, 4,935 were on the Austrian border.

Germany shares borders with nine European countries. This year, according to Federal Police statistics, most irregular arrivals came through Switzerland (2,039), the Czech Republic (1,905) and France (1,622). A further 857 came via Belgium, 815 via Denmark, 789 via Poland and 627 via the Netherlands.

The report comes as the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is to meet with Germany's interior minister, Horst Seehofer, to discuss a proposal forTransit centersagreed this week with the German leader, Angela Merkel.

Seehofer wants Kurz to agree to take back secondary asylum seekers entering Germany from Austria who cannot be returned to the country in which they first registered because it has not signed a bilateral deal with Germany.

Key German states back border measures

The premier of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer from Merkel's Christian Democrat Party, told the Rheinische Post that he also wants to return asylum seekers who have already registered in another European country more quickly. Saxony is affected by migration flows through Poland and the Czech Republic.

I am counting on the fact that those who are caught in the net on the German-Polish or German-Czech border will be sent to the anchor centers (Seehofer's proposed reception, processing and deportation centers) and that the procedures there will be much shorter,“ Kretschmer told the paper.

Andreas Jung, the head of the CDU Parliamentary group in Baden-Württemberg state, which shares long borders with France and Switzerland, also urged Seehofer to ensure that Switzerland agree to accept asylum seekers returned from Germany.


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