The new edition of MigraVenture has been presented in Italy. The program is designed to help African migrants who have become entrepreneurs and are living in Italy to set up a new business in an African country.

After the positive results of the pilot edition in 2016-2017, the 'MigraVenture' program to support new businesses set up in Africa by migrants is making a comeback to offer migrants in Italy the opportunity of developing new business ideas. 

The program, which is organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Etimos Foundation, with the support of the Italian Cooperation for development, vies to support businesses that are both socially and environmentally sustainable. 

Business projects for migrants in Africa 

The document to present the new edition of the project said that MigraVenture is designed for migrants who are or would like to become entrepreneurs and are living in Italy and would like to set up a new business or work on an existing one in an African country, creating new jobs. 

The project selects "high-quality entrepreneurial ideas, which are profitable and sustainable, socially economically and for the environment, in the medium-term", the document said. The program includes training in Italy to teach business management and how to develop potential entrepreneurial projects in Africa. This phase is followed by individual coaching for projects that will be deemed more viable, followed by the presentation of the best projects to a network of potential investors. Projects will then be followed up and monitored in Africa. 

Applications open until August 10 

African nationals regularly residing in Italy can apply. Projects have to focus on African countries - with a priority to nations listed in the guidelines drafted by the Italian Foreign Ministry - and need the appropriate authorization. Women are encouraged to apply. 

Applications - with forms available on the page dedicated to the project of the Etimos Foundation - must be sent by email to the address migraventure@etimos.org by 12:00 pm on August 10, 2018. 

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