The Songhoi Blues band was formed by four Malians who were forced to flee their country due to war and persecution. They use music as a weapon to fight violence.

The band's songs talk about migration, denouncing the causes that force people to abandon their land to seek a new future. 

Music to fight violence 

The Songhoi Blues were created in 2012, when three musicians from northern Mali - Aliou Touré, Garba Touré and Oumar Touré - fled the capital, Bamako, after Islamist group Ansar Dine gained control of the region, banning music, among other things. The three met in Bamako and recruited drummer Nathanael Dembelé.''Music, the whole time has been a means of distraction and sharing experiences'', Dembele told ANSAmed. ''Music means a lot to us - it is a weapon against all forms of violence and we are serving to fight injustice in Africa and around the world''. In their songs, the SongHoy Blues talk about the ''reality that our society faces. The war, insecurity, the education of children and also immigration''.

 'Change will happen when people understand' 

Immigration ''is a problem of the world but many people do not understand that the question that has to be asked is: why are all these people fleeing their homeland? Famine? War? The government? It's a lot of response at the same time - so no-one has the right to judge them. On the contrary, we have to help them'', stressed Dembele. 

''One day, everybody could go to the exodus. Music denounces and speaks of this reality. Change will come one day and people will understand''.Commenting the situation in Italy, he said that ''we do not know the internal politics of Italy'', but it is ''sure that the government is never the solution for the problems. It's up to the people to get up and fight for what is right''. 

After releasing their first album, Music in Exile, in 2015, in 2017 the band released Résistance, which combines reggae with western African music.For the future, ''the 3rd album is in preparation! And we plan to make a great return to the north of Mali one day, when peace will return there with the people who have suffered so much'', he concluded. Credit immagine: Songhoy Blues

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